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Criminal Law

Anyone faced with a criminal investigation or prosecution needs to feel confident that their legal representative is experienced, sympathetic and 100% committed to their defence.

At Dollman & Pritchard, Martin Durnin has over 30 years experience of working in the Criminal Justice System.

Martin will advise you from the very first moment until the conclusion of any proceedings. Whether at the Police Station or as an advocate in court, he is highly experienced and supportive.

Dollman & Pritchard acts on behalf of clients with all kinds of problems from relatively minor traffic offences through to the most serious of crimes.

If you wish to make an appointment you can phone our office anytime between 9.30am and 5.30pm on 01883 347823. Or you can fill out our contact form or email our office on and someone will be in touch within 24 hours.

Our specialist can help you in the following ways...

  • Advice at the Police Station

    Anyone arrested and detained at a Police Station is entitles to free and independent legal advice. We can arrange prompt legal representation for anyone requiring assistance. Contact us during office hours on 01883 347823 or ask one of the Custody Staff where you are held to contact us on your behalf. Do not be pressurised into being interviewed by Police without Legal Representation. As soon as a call is received by us, the relevant Police Station will be contacted without delay regarding your detention.

  • Charged by the Police?

    If you have been charged by the Police with an offence and bailed to attend at a Magistrate's Court we can advise you as to your eligibility for Legal Aid (Public Funding) and if not, what other options may be available to you. We can assist in helping you to complete the necessary application forms, advice on the seriousness of the offence and on what the Court will expect to happen at the first hearing. It is, therefore, important to seek legal advice BEFORE attending Court.

  • Young people in trouble with the Police (10-17 years)

    Persons aged under 18 years and charged by the Police are usually dealt with in the Youth Court. There is a different range of sentences available to the Youth Court Panel. We can represent young people at the Police Station and in the Youth Court if subsequently charged. Very occasionally a young person is charged as an adult (18 years old and above) or with a very serious offence and will appear before a Crown Court. In such circumstances we can provide representation at the Crown Court Hearing.

Meet our Criminal Law solicitor...

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