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Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in advising on commercial property issues. We can provide you with accurate, up to the minute advice on your business property matters regardless of the complexity involved.

Our proactive, client-focused approach means you will be kept up to date throughout the process and our fixed-fee pricing model will assist you with budgeting for your legal needs.

Our specialist solicitors can help you in the following ways...

  • Leases

    Whether you are a tenant looking to acquire or extend a lease on a business premises or a landlord who requires a lease agreement drafted, our lawyers can offer you straightforward, reliable advice and accurate, simple to read drafting. The Basic Components of a Commercial Lease Most commercial lease documents will contain the following: The names of the landlord and tenant (or lessor and lessee) Details of the premises to be leased The duration of the lease How much rent is to be paid Tenants Covenants Landlord Covenants Rights and reservations Protecting Your Interests – The Landlord To protect your property and financial security ensure that the agreement between yourself and the tenant contains adequate provisions for: Rent reviews Repairs and alterations to the property A licence to assign or sublet of the premises if you are happy for the tenant to do this Insurance A detailed list of what the property can and cannot be used for Disputes resolution procedures Protecting Your Interests – The Tenant When leasing commercial premises a tenant needs to take extra care to ensure that their interests are protected upfront as the property they are leasing is also providing their livelihood. Things to include in the contract are: Full disclosure of what parts of the premises and land are your responsibility when it comes to maintenance and repairs Whether the landlord has provided adequate insurance The procedure in which rent reviews will be conducted Is there a break clause included in the terms Renewal terms Procedures for management of any disputes Important Tip Before signing any agreement make sure you undertake due diligence with regards to the condition of the property. Make sure you engage a surveyor and draw up a Schedule of Condition and both you and the landlord are in complete agreement regarding the original state of the property. Do I Need Legal Advice? Commercial Leases are far more complex than Residential Leases and governed by the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954. It is, therefore, essential that you obtain legal advice, whether you are a landlord or a tenant. At Dollman & Pritchard Solicitors we have experience in negotiating, drafting, and renewing commercial leases and resolving any disputes which may arise from them. If you would like to talk to us about a commercial lease then please phone our office on 01883 347823 to make an appointment.

  • Option Agreement

    An option agreement is an agreement entered into by the seller of a property and a potential purchaser which states that upon the happening of a 'certain event' the potential purchaser will have the guaranteed right to buy the property within a set time frame or on a set date in the future. An option agreement is a legally binding contract and the prospective buyer usually pays a non-refundable deposit to the seller in exchange for the option to purchase the property under the terms of the agreement. In What Situation Would a Buyer Enter into an Option Agreement? A property developer may approach a landowner with an interest in purchasing some or all of their land and enter into an option agreement which is conditional on being granted planning permission for the proposed development. Another example would be if you, as a developer, wished to purchase a property but needed some time to raise the finance. If the seller has no other offers or is in no hurry to sell they may be prepared to enter into an option agreement whereby you have six months to raise the money and purchase the property. If you are unable to organise finance in this set period of time then the option will lapse and the owner can put the property on the market. How We Can Advise You On Option Agreements At Dollman & Pritchard Solicitors we can assist you with the legalities of an option agreement and ensure that the terms are documented correctly. For example, if the option is to be granted pending the granting of planning permission, we will ensure that there is a provision in the contract for any possible appeal if planning permission is denied. To discuss creating an option agreement contact our office on 01883 347823 or email us at

  • Refinancing

    With interest rates at an all-time low you may be looking to refinance your commercial property in order to: Fund future projects Consolidate debts Inject some instant cash flow into your business coffers However, lenders' criteria are now tighter than ever and there are significant costs involved in refinancing a commercial property mortgage. You need to engage a law firm who are experienced in dealing with both the main lenders and the smaller players who may offer more flexibility for smaller or start-up companies. Refinancing – Points To Consider If you are thinking of refinancing your commercial property you need to ensure you take into account the following: The costs associated with refinancing, for example you will need to include the costs for valuations, lawyers' fees, lenders' fees, and insurance into your budget The time it will take you to organise refinancing against the benefit you will receive Make sure you shop around for the best deal and interest rates Why Choose Us To Advise You On Refinancing? Our lawyers have the necessary experience and commercial knowledge to ensure your transaction is researched, documented and processed quickly and efficiently in order to save you time and money. We offer a fixed fee service so you will know your legal costs up front. Our long-standing relationships with lenders will also assist in speeding up the process and ensuring you get the finance package that is right for your business. To find out more call Dollman & Pritchard on 01883 347823 or email to

  • Buying & Selling a Property Based Businesss

    If you have recently found the perfect shop, garage, hairdressers or other property based business to buy, or have decided to put your existing business up for sale, we can help you close the deal so you can confidently begin the next stage of your life. Why Choose Us? Unlike most law firms who need to engage a number of lawyers to complete a buying and selling a property business transaction, we have specially trained lawyers who can manage the whole process from start to finish. This provides three important advantages: It reduces the final cost of the transaction as only one lawyer is involved The process will be completed quickly and efficiently as your lawyer does not need to pass any work on to another team member to complete different parts of the transaction You will engage with one lawyer from the start of the matter until its completion and they will be able to answer all your questions and keep you up to date on your situation How We Can Help You Buy or Sell a Property Based Business Buying or selling a property based business such as a retail outlet or takeaway shop involves proper care and due diligence to ensure your interests are protected. We can advise you on: Leases Fixtures and fittings Goodwill Employment law Due diligence With our expertise in this area you can be assured that the legal advice pertaining to your going concern is accurate and up-to-date. We will ensure that all legal matters are explained to you in clear, jargon-free language and talk over any concerns or questions you may have in a friendly, approachable manner. Please call Dollman & Pritchard on 01883 347823 or send us an email to

  • Property Development

    If you have recently found the perfect shop, garage, hairdressers or other property based business to buy, or have decided to put your existing business up for sale, we can help you close the deal so you can confidently begin the next stage of your life. Why Choose Us? Property development is an exciting, risky, complex undertaking which is able to produce both mind-boggling profits and crushing losses. If you are investing in property development it is essential that you engage a highly experienced law firm with access to up to date information and a strong knowledge of the local business community. Dollman & Pritchard are that firm. What We Can Do When it comes to property development issues you need to ensure you have covered all your bases and your agreements are watertight. This is not an area for amateurs. Our dynamic, driven lawyers hired for their expertise, so you can be assured we will protect your interests and your investment. We can offer detailed advice on the following matters: Option agreements Head of terms agreements Development agreements Joint venture or partnership structures Obtaining finance Tax planning Due diligence Buying and selling developed property How We Are Different We provide a fixed fee structure, continuous 9.30 am to 5.00pm access to your lawyer and an approachable, down to earth professional relationship in which we can advise you on your venture from start to finish. To find out more call Dollman & Pritchard on 01883 347823 or email to

  • Commercial Landlord & Tenant Disputes

    From a commercial perspective tenancy disputes can be both costly and time-wasting. Unfortunately disagreements do occur but at Dollman & Pritchard Solicitors our aim is to help you deal with them as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Areas that can ignite disputes include: Break Clauses A break clause provides a vehicle for a tenancy agreement to be ended early. We can provide advice on how to use a break clause to exit an agreement and the procedures which need to be followed. Rent Arrears If your tenant is in arrears of rent we can advise you on how to recover payments as quickly as possible. Dilapidation Dilapidation is the term used to describe a breach in the lease covenants relating to how the condition of the property is to be maintained and then returned at the end of a lease. Disputes of this nature usually arise at the end of a fixed term. A tenant is required to return the property to the landlord in the standard of repair that was set out in the terms of the lease. We can advise both landlords and tenants on their obligations regarding repairs to the property. Subletting and Assignments This is often an area for contention as many tenants want the right to sublet their property and most landlords want to restrict them from doing so. We can assist with negotiating clear, concise terms on subletting and assignments when it comes to drafting the initial lease agreement and advise both the landlord and tenant on how to proceed if the issue of subletting comes up during the tenancy term. Let us Help Tenancy disputes can be stressful and cost you time and money to resolve. We understand how important it is to maintain the commercial relationship and move forward in a way that provides a win win resolution for both parties. Our experienced, proactive lawyers will advise you how to best resolve you dispute and we provide fixed-fee pricing so you can budget in advance for your legal costs. To find out more call Dollman & Pritchard on 01883 347823 or email to

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