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Criminal Law

Anyone faced with a criminal investigation or prosecution needs to feel confident that their legal representative is experienced, sympathetic and 100% committed to their defence.

At Dollman & Pritchard Solicitors, Yogesh Patel has over 25 years experience of working in the Criminal Justice System. Yogesh will advise you from the very first moment until the conclusion of any proceedings. Whether at the Police Station or as an advocate in court, he is highly experienced and supportive.

Dollman & Pritchard Solicitors acts on behalf of clients with all kinds of problems from relatively minor traffic offences through to the most serious of crimes.

Appearing in a Magistrates' Court?

If you have been charged by the police and bailed to appear at court or received a Postal Requisition requiring your attendance we at Dollman & Pritchard Solicitors will do what we can to reassure you and lessen any worries by providing expert advice, assistance and advocacy.

Funding your case

Dollman & Pritchard Solicitors has over 40 years experience in providing advice and representation to those charged with offences in the Magistrates' Court.

Such allegations will very often be Motoring offences.

As a privately funded client you will have the benefit of a highly experienced criminal lawyer who will provide you with advice and legal representation at every stage of the proceedings. This assurance of continuity of service cannot be underestimated at what is likely to be a difficult and stressful time.


All fees are based on the likely work required on your particular case. It may be possible to provide you with a Fixed Fee but sometimes the complexity of a particular case means that this is not possible and the fee will be based on our hourly rate. Whichever route you choose you can be assured of a first-class service. Our current hourly rate for a Consultant Solicitor is £280 plus VAT (currently at 20%) per hour and our Fixed Fees start at £750 plus VAT. The following provides examples of likely Fixed Fee costs on a Guilty plea:

1) An initial 45-minute conference at our offices in order to take your instructions, consider the prosecution evidence, provide advice on likely sentence and to include one hearing at a local Magistrates' Court - £750 plus VAT

2) As above but where two hearings are necessary - £1150 plus VAT

3) Where you are defending the allegation, the costs whether they be on a Fixed Fee basis or hourly rate will very much depend on the complexity of the case and its seriousness.

If you wish to discuss the best package for your circumstances please in the first instance contact Dollman & Pritchard Solicitors on 01883 347823 anytime between 9.30am and 5.30pm with whom you will be able to discuss your requirements in complete confidence. Or you can fill out our contact form or email our office on and someone will be in touch within 24 hours.

Motoring offences

The most common driving offences appearing before courts are :

1) Excess Alcohol

2) Drug Driving

3) Driving without due care

4) Failing to stop/report

5) Driving whilst disqualified

6) No insurance

7) Excess Speed

To assist you decide which funding option may best fit your requirements the following information will help.

Where you intend to plead GUILTY and require representation at a local Magistrates' Court for mitigation and sentence, a Fixed Fee of £950 would include:

a) 3 hours attendance/preparation

b) taking your instructions

c) providing advice on likely sentence

d) representation at court on a single occasion (lasting a full day if required)

The fees do not include:

a) instruction of any expert witness

b) taking statements from any witnesses

c) advice in relation to any special reasons hearing

d) advice in relation to an exceptional hardship hearing (totting-up)

e) advice or assistance in relation to any appeal

If you are pleading NOT GUILTY to a motoring offence, from experience we estimate that 8-12 hours work would be required. Again we can provide this work on an hourly rate (currently £250 per hour) or on a Fixed Fee basis. The work would include:

a) meeting with your solicitor to provide instructions on what happened.

b) we will consider initial disclosure, and any other evidence and provide advice on the strengths and weaknesses of such evidence.

c) we will arrange to take witness statements where considered necessary but given the vast variation in work involved dependent upon the number of witnesses, this is likely to have an additional cost based on our hourly rate.

d) we will deal with all communications to/from the police and/or Crown Prosecution Service and provide regular updates.

e) we will give you a realistic and straightforward opinion on your prospects of success but the final decision whether or not to defend the matter will always be yours.

f) we will explain the court procedure to you so you know what to expect on the day of your hearing and the sentencing options available to the court if you are found guilty.

g) we will also represent you at court at the first hearing when the case is likely to be adjourned to a trial date. Thereafter we will represent you on the date of the trial (based on a half day hearing) You should be aware that if for any reason your trial is not able to proceed on the date set down by the court, then additional charges will be incurred.

The above estimate on a Not Guilty plea does not include:

a) Instruction of Expert witnesses

b) representation at additional hearings

c) advice and assistance in relation to any appeal

Finally, you should be aware that under existing legislation, even if you are found not guilty or the case against you does not proceed, you will NOT be able to recover your costs from another party to the proceedings or the court. Accordingly, our Fixed Fee is payable in full and in advance of any work being carried out and is non-refundable.

The funding choice is yours but for further information and a free of any charge discussion please contact Dollman & Pritchard Solicitors on 01883 347823 anytime between 9.30am and 5.30pm. Or you can fill out our contact form or email our office on and someone will be in touch within 24 hours.

Our specialist solicitors can help you in the following ways...

  • Advice at the Police Station

    Anyone arrested and detained at a Police Station is entitles to free and independent legal advice. We can arrange prompt legal representation for anyone requiring assistance. Contact us during office hours on 01883 347823 or ask one of the Custody Staff where you are held to contact us on your behalf. Do not be pressurised into being interviewed by Police without Legal Representation. As soon as a call is received by us, the relevant Police Station will be contacted without delay regarding your detention.

  • Charged by the Police?

    If you have been charged by the Police with an offence and bailed to attend at a Magistrate's Court we can advise you as to your eligibility for Legal Aid (Public Funding) and if not, what other options may be available to you. We can assist in helping you to complete the necessary application forms, advice on the seriousness of the offence and on what the Court will expect to happen at the first hearing. It is, therefore, important to seek legal advice BEFORE attending Court.

  • Young people in trouble with the Police (10-17 years)

    Persons aged under 18 years and charged by the Police are usually dealt with in the Youth Court. There is a different range of sentences available to the Youth Court Panel. We can represent young people at the Police Station and in the Youth Court if subsequently charged. Very occasionally a young person is charged as an adult (18 years old and above) or with a very serious offence and will appear before a Crown Court. In such circumstances we can provide representation at the Crown Court Hearing.

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